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Control and protect your network with HiveDNS

HiveDNS is a cloud-based web filtering solution that allows you to manage, limit and protect yourself from web threats, without installing any software. Thanks to HiveDNS you can safely explore the web, protecting yourself from dangerous activities and preventing access to unsafe or unsuitable sites.

Who is HiveDNS for?

Cloud based

Secure your network with any additional fees. Security policies management is totally cloud-based and any software be required.

Url filtering

Block unsuitable web sites thanks to the use of 50 categories or customizable and scalable blacklists.


Get detailed reports based on categories of sites, in real time, with aggregated data in line with GDPR.


Block connections to malicious or illegal web domains, ensuring a browsing experience free from malware.

Easy and responsive

Thanks to a simple, intuitive and responsive interface, accessing the management portal is quick and easy.

Customize block page

Customize the block page with elements of your brand identity and explain to users why the content of the page has been blocked.

Cloud based

Security policies management is completely cloud. Access to the dashboard is quick and easy and the users will not have to install any software.


HiveDNS allows you to quickly and easily create rules to protect your network from malware, phishing, and ransomware. Block connections to domains that are deemed malicious or contain inappropriate content.

Url filtering

HiveDNS provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to quickly apply navigation policies. Our solution is also responsive ready: it's designed to work perfectly on all devices.

Easy and Responsive

HiveDNS provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to quickly apply navigation policies. The solution is also responsive ready: it’s designed to work perfectly on all mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


Thanks to our solution, you can get detailed information about how your users are spending their time online. HiveDNS allows you to generate different reports on web browsing activities for web domains and content categories, on time spent online or bandwidth consumption.

Customize your block page

With HiveDNS, you can quickly and easily customize the block page, adding your logo, images and the style that best reflects your brand identity. Take advantage of block page customization to explain to your users why you block certain content.

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